General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

The use of the website (hereinafter also the "Site") implies the acceptance of these general terms and conditions by anyone who accesses and browses it (hereinafter also the "User").The owner of the site is the Dante Alighieri Society, based in Piazza di Firenze 27,
00186, Rome, TaxCode 80101070581, which can also be contacted at the ordinary email address and at the certified email address (hereinafter also "SDA").

  • These general conditions govern the use of the Site
  • Users can browse the Site and use the services offered by strictly adhering to these conditions
  • Access to the Site is allowed, by nature, only to users over the age of 18 Any minors consulting the Site should do so under the full and complete responsibility of the parent or legal guardian
  • SDA reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time
  • the changes will take effect from the date of their publication on the Site itself: the User, therefore, is required to view them through the appropriate link in the footer of the Site.
Site Management

In order to ensure the correct management of the Site, SDA may, at any time and without notice, nor any indemnity:

  • Suspend, interrupt or limit access to the Site or part of it
  • Reserve access to the Site, or to a part of it, only and exclusively to a specific category of users
  • Delete any information that may compromise the functioning of the Site or that violates national or international legal provisions
  • Suspend the functionality of the Site to proceed with updates and maintenance operations associated with technological evolution or necessary to guarantee the continuity of the service

User Obligations

The User must use the Site in strict compliance with these General Terms and Conditions. It is the User's responsibility to read these terms and conditions and check if any changes have been made. Access to the internet, necessary to use the Site and all related charges and costs, including connection costs, are the responsibility of the User, who is required to independently procure any necessary hardware or software support. The User is solely responsible for the operation and maintenance of their equipment and for taking all necessary measures to guarantee their online safety. The User assumes the obligation not to use the Site and related services for illegal purposes or contrary to these terms and conditions or in ways that could damage its functionality, make it unusable, cause overload, deterioration and/or interference with its use by other Users. The User can access the Site and browse the various pages, using the services made available to all Users. If the User uses the forms on the Site, they have the obligation and responsibility to provide truthful, correct, verifiable and updated personal data. The personal data provided by the User in these forms will be processed by SDA in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data, for the purposes and in the manner described in the privacy notice prepared specifically for the individual forms and published on the Site so that it is easily accessible to Users. The User declares and guarantees that they have acquired all the necessary authorisations regarding any third party data that may be given to SDA through the forms on the Site or through any other channel.


The User uses the Site "as is", that is, as it is offered and as it is available when they connect and view its content. SDA is not responsible, neither towards the User nor towards subjects directly or indirectly connected to the User, for damages, claims or losses deriving from inefficiencies or suspensions of the Site caused by the User, third parties or force majeure or fortuitous event. Except as defined contractually and individually in relation to specifically assumed obligations, SDA reserves the right to close the Site and/or make any changes and/or additions to its content that it may deem appropriate. The User uses the Site and the services that are permitted to them, substantially and procedurally holding harmless the SDA against any party for legal/civil or administrative disputes, costs, expenses and damages of any kind caused by the use of or inability to use the Site. The User accepts that SDA will not be held liable for omissions or errors that may be contained in the materials and information transited on the Site. The existence of a hyperlink (link) directed towards the SDA Site from another third party website, or directed from the SDA Site to another third party website, does not imply the approval or acceptance of liability on the part of the SDA regarding the content or use of the sites thus linked.

Intellectual and industrial property

The Site and its contents are owned by SDA and/or its successors or assignors and/or third parties where indicated, and are protected by current legislation on the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights. Unless otherwise and specifically envisaged, all materials available on the Site (such as by way of example and not limited to: logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs, photographs, etc.) may be used for informational and/or personal purposes only. Any other different use must take place with the express authorisation of the SDA or, if different from this, of the owner of the rights exercisable for any reason on them. Any type of commercial use or distribution is not permitted unless expressly authorised. Any product and company names mentioned on the Site may be represented by the trademarks of their respective owners and therefore unauthorised use thereof is expressly prohibited. The reproduction of the graphics and structure of the Site is prohibited. The constituent elements of the Site cannot be copied or imitated. No rights are granted to the User on the software relating to the Site, including updates, and on the related source codes. It is expressly forbidden for the User to carry out the activities referred to in art. 64-bis L. 633/41 such as, by way of example but in no way exhaustive: the extraction, reproduction, translation, adaptation, distribution to the public in any form implemented or the transfer of the Software to third parties for any reason whatsoever, either for payment or free. Without the express authorisation of SDA, the User is prohibited from acting on the Software in any way, even to correct any bugs and/or defects, as well as duplicating, decompiling, disassembling, transforming or modifying the software. Using direct links to the home page and to the internal pages of the Site without specific prior written authorisation from SDA is allowed, provided that the User's site in which the link is created is not offensive, pornographic, or is not related to sexuality or commodifying sex, incitement to racial hatred, discrimination of any kind, reference to totalitarian ideologies, the carrying out of any type of crime and any other activity contrary to Italian and European Union law. All rights not explicitly granted are reserved.


In the context of a hypothetical transfer of the company in favour of third parties, the contracts concluded between SDA and its users will be considered automatically transferred to the transferee. The user expressly authorises the SDA, subject to notification to be transmitted in favour of the same in compliance with the provisions of article 1406 and following of the Italian Civil Code, to assign or transfer the aforementioned contractual rights in favour of any entity determined by SDA.

Trial Agreement

By checking the acceptance box of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the user acknowledges that in the framework of the relations they maintain with the SDA, their consent has the value of an electronic signature, as binding between the parties as a handwritten signature. More generally, the user expressly acknowledges that any document subject to the aforementioned procedure will be considered as documentary evidence, including in cases not attributable to the procedure contemplated, as well as any email message exchanged by the same with the SDA or with subjects delegated by the latter. Therefore, any type of correspondence or agreement will produce, for the purposes of the transaction in question, legal effects that are entirely comparable to the effects produced by any correspondence or agreement subject to a handwritten signature. Except in the case of evidence to the contrary judged valid by a court, the content of any exchange of email messages between SDA or with subjects delegated by the latter and a user may be opposed, not only reciprocally, but also against any third party beneficiary and will have the same probative force as any document drawn up, in writing, on paper.


All the User's personal data are processed by the SDA in compliance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data. For all the necessary information, please refer to the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy - accessible via links in the footer of the page - and to the information relating to specific services that involve the collection of personal data - published in the relevant sections of the Site.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian Law.Disputes between SDA and Users linked or connected to the use of the Site are reserved to Italian jurisdiction and are the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the Court of Rome, without prejudice to the consumer's court, where applicable by law.

Final amendments and clauses

SDA reserves the right to make changes to the Site and to these General Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. The User must always refer to the text of the Terms and Conditions published on the Site at the time of consultation, as the current version.
These terms and conditions are drawn up in Italian.
If, at any time, either party fails to exercise the rights to which it is entitled under one or more provisions of these Terma and Conditions, such failure shall not be deemed a general waiver of such rights, nor shall it prevent either party from subsequently claiming the exact observance of any and all contractual clauses.