27 January 2022

Italia 4.0: online courses kick off in the hybrid classroom of the Italian Language School of Rome of the Società Dante Alighieri

Società Dante Alighieri announces the start of the online classes of the Italian School of Rome on the Dante Global platform, integrating the most advanced tools in a new hybrid classroom.

Students who choose the Dante School in Rome to learn Italian as a second or foreign language will be able to attend the lessons in presence or remotely, synchronously, and will be able to work asynchronously on the unique learning objects provided by the Society. The Dante School in Rome thus becomes an experimental center for the dissemination of language and culture from the heart of Italy all over the world.

"We believe in an extroversion of Italy that offers the global world the values of cultural and digital humanism in Italian – declares Andrea Riccardi, President of Società Dante Alighieri - thanks to the advanced tools of the Dante.Global platform, designed to keep up with the knowledge society fostered by the Internet”.

The new Dante Global platform was designed with its latest generation technological equipment, was designed to fulfil the vision of President Riccardi which originated during the first phase of the pandemic and was inaugurated on April 14th 2021 in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella. Since the impact of the emergency, while pursuing the desire to support and encourage the continuation of activities in Dante Centres, present in 80 countries, the opportunity has also emerged to work towards the integration of Dante global system, reaching out to potential students who might be interested in learning the Italian language and culture across all sectors: educational and academic, formative and professional, as well as in the business world.

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